Myofunctional orthodontics : Speech rehabilitation

Myofunctional orthodontics belongs to Interceptive treatment within a multifactorial approach to young patients issues. Soft tissues dysfunction (regarding lips muscles, cheeks and tongue), breathing using the mouth (and not the nose), an altered position of the tongue, atypical swallowing and other incorrect habits can cause or aggravate an incorrect development of dental arches and face.

Since soft tissue determine teeth position, they must absolutely be taken into account during a treatment with an orthodontic appliance. The aim of myofunctional therapy is to restore a balance between the muscles and teeth, correct incorrect habits, rebalance patient’s growth.

Our mouth is a complex set, a balance of forces; and such A balance contributes to the overall health of our body. It is known that dental malocclusion is connected with the posture of our body, it is therefore crucial to act swiftly using painless and non invasive procedures that can greatly better our children’s growth.

It is possible during, before or after treatment, to seek advice from a speech therapy specialist collaborating with me in order to achieve the therapy goals.

* Some examples of myofunctional devices